Hornest. Tactile and sensory piece with bells for sound.
Alien Flower back lit

Hornest. Tactile and sensory piece with bells for sound. Alien Flower back lit

a place to fall apart 

MFA Thesis exhibit at Ignite Gallery OCADU

a place to fall art crafts a speculative world, urging viewers to momentarily unwind beneath a canopy of smaller suspended artworks. This exhibition emerged from practice-based research, utilizing diverse materials like algae, kombucha, takeaway containers, gelatine, metal, and plants. These materials were used to explore interconnectedness and impermeability in ecosystems through an embodied understanding of ancestral ways of thinking about ontology. 

By Deepikah RB

MFA Thesis Reception, 11th April 2024 

TheQuest: V's Journey to Find Nature's Embrace in Urban Oasis

In awhimsical world overrun by plastic afterlife, a young adventurer named Vembarks on a heartfelt quest through a maze of enchanting sanctuaries known as"NatureNests." V navigates the urban landscape, seeking not just amother but a profound connection with what they believe is their true mother —Nature themself or could it be Gaia?

Gaia, asV affectionately calls them, whisper secrets of biophilic wonders and beckonswith their organic allure. They are more than just structures; they are living,breathing entities that hold the promise of kinship between the little wandererand the world beyond their understanding.

V'sadventure unfolds amidst arches that resemble the welcoming arms of plant-likegrowth; their branches woven from recycled plastic mesh like a tapestry ofdreams. Crocheted patterns and melded plasticlomerates, spun from discardedtreasures into a tri-infinity shape, sway gently like friendly spirits,captivating the imagination of the curious child.

Amidstthese arboreal wonders, V discovers veils of resilient plants cascading likewaterfalls. To them, these aren't just plants; they are wise guardians withwhom V shares tales of their day and confides their yearning for a mother'sembrace. In the dance of the creepers and the whispers of the wind, V findssolace and companionship but not mother.

In V'seyes, Gaia is not an inert being land but a living entity with feelings andstories to tell. Together these Gaia nests form a “a place to fall apart”; anenchanting sanctuary that becomes a potential hideout, a secret spot where theycan seek comfort and share hopes and dreams. Through V's eyes, we witness thetransformative power of Gaia as a nurturing force, embracing not only V but allwho seek the warmth of its embrace.

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UnearthlyBlooms Emerge on Abandoned Landfill, Defy Categorization

MexicoCity, Earth — Year 2Q24

Acentury after the closure of the international trash trade (ITT), when easterncountries stopped accepting garbage exports from Canada, once a routinepractice, a groundbreaking discovery has emerged from Toronto’s locallandfills. Local reports are flooding in about the appearance of anotherworldly vegetation, aptly named by scientists as "AlienFlowers." Teams of botanists and xenobiologists are converging on thesite, eager to unravel the mysteries of this unprecedented species.

Initialprobes into the alien landscape reveal a peculiar anomaly that challenges thevery fabric of botanical understanding. These mysterious blossoms, sproutingfrom the remnants of the landfill, stand as a testament to nature's ability toadapt and thrive in unexpected places. The flowers, comprised of a bizarreamalgamation of orange peels, sumac flowers, and discarded Tim Hortons coffeecup lids, blur categories. Dr. Holly Turner, a leading xenobotanist, heads theresearch expedition to Don Valley. She describes the queer objects as defyingclassificatory orders dear to the Natural Sciences, rejecting the dichotomybetween what is considered "natural" and what is deemed"artificial.". As the scientists delve into their study, the alienflowers exhibit behaviour that adds an extra layer of intrigue. It seems theseblossoms possess a collective consciousness, communicating with each otherthrough subtle vibrations that are signs of adaptation to environmentalchanges. The phenomenon challenges not only human understanding of botany butalso the interconnectedness of all living things.

Authoritiesare urging caution as they issue a public advisory: residents and researchersalike are warned against approaching the new species without proper protection,as unconfirmed reports are suggesting these Alien Flowers may exhibitcarnivorous tendencies. As humanity stands on the cusp of a botanicalrevolution, the discovery at Don Valley forces a reevaluation of human’srelationship with nature and the potential for life to thrive in unexpectedplaces.

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